Craps is a Popular Gambling Game Craps is a game that is played with dice in which players make bets on the outcome of each of the rolls, or on a series of these rolls, and two dice are used for play. Those taking part may bet money against one another, in games called street […]

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Using Comps in Casinos No one goes into a casino with the intention of losing all their money. Some may take the approach that they are comfortable losing a set amount, which is probably the wisest perspective to have, while others say they will quit once they have won a certain amount, which is a […]

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Xóc Ðia

Xóc Ðia Xóc Ðia, which is also known as Shaking the Plate, is a gambling game which has a history dating back over one hundred years. It’s one of the favourite gambling games played in North Vietnam. There are several variants of Xóc Ðia – some of which require equipment to play and some of […]

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Tip Jar Gaming

An Explanation to Tip Jar Gaming Tip Jar Gaming is when participating players purchase folded or closed pieces of paper for a set price. Matching tickets to the ones sold are placed in a glass jar which are then drawn to reveal the winning tickets. The Tip Jar game is much the same as a […]

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About Stuss Stuss, also known as Jewish Faro, is a game of cards that originated in Chicago and New York during World War One. Stuss is more often played in back rooms and private houses, and has not seen much popularity commercially. Stuss if a variant of the game Faro, a far more popular card […]

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Medusa slot

Medusa Online Slot by NextGen NextGen are the developers of the Medusa slot game, which is a five reel online video slot with a mythological theme based on the well-known snake haired gorgon who had the power to turn those she gazed upon into stone. The online video slot game features multiple bonus rounds including […]

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Judge Dredd slot

Judge Dredd Slot Game Review Judge Dredd slot is a five reel online video slot that was created and developed by NextGen. This five reel online slot has twenty five pay lines and multiple bonus features. The theme is based on the futuristic Judge Dredd character from the well-known comic book who is the law […]

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Hot Hot Volcano slot

All About Hot Hot Volcano Online Slot Game Hot Hot Volcano slot was developed by NextGen and is an online slot game that features five reels, three rows and a total of twenty five pay lines of which only one coin can be bet on each. Coin values range from as little as 0.01 up […]

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Crocodopolis slot

Crocodopolis Online Video Slot Game Overview Egyptian themes are quite common when it comes to online video slot games and Crocodopolis slot features this theme in abundance. The crocodile is quite significant in Egyptian culture as the crocodile god, Sobek, was the god to watch over the Nile River. This online video slot game is […]

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Call of the Colosseum slot

Unpacking the Call of the Colosseum Online Slot Call of the Colosseum slot is based on the ancient Roman structure made famous during the Roman Empire when gladiators fought to the death as a spectator sport and public executions were rife. The Colosseum is a popular landmark and features like ornate columns frame the five […]

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