Paris Beauty

Paris Beauty Online Slots The experience of seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up against the night sky has been aptly described as nothing short of pure magic.  The Tower isn’t all there is to this bustling European city – there is the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Grand Opera Garnier and […]

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Paradise Dreams

Paradise Dreams Online Slot Paradise Dreams is an online video slot that offers you an escape to an island paradise, filled with coconuts and beautiful sunsets. This slot is one of RTG’s more relaxed slot themes, designed to be fun, entertaining and rewarding. Paradise Dreams is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot with lucrative winning […]

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Chinese Poker

History of Chinese Poker The Chinese have always been keen on gambling and games of chance. The ancient game of Pai Gow is still played today in many modern casinos.  Chinese Poker is a little harder to trace. Some say that it evolved over a thousand years ago at the same time that Pai Go […]

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Casinos in Swaziland

Casinos in Swaziland Casinos in Swaziland are very much alive and popular. They are actually an important source of income for many of the tiny kingdom’s resorts and hotels. Brick and mortar casinos n Swaziland were first regulated in the 1960’s, when the country was still a part of the British Empire, be it a […]

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Casinos in Malaysia

 Casinos in Malaysia Online casinos in Malaysia are not a big past time. In fact there are only five known ones and only one of those is actually official. Malaysia is a primarily Muslim country, which does not allow gambling in general. Malaysia gained independence from Britain in 1957, and quickly became one of the […]

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Casinos in Argentina

 Casinos in Argentina Casinos in Argentina are quite a popular past time, both with locals and with tourists. There are about thirty of them spread out over the whole country, which makes Argentina the country with the most casinos in South America. Argentina became free from Spanish rule in the late 1800’s, becoming a democracy […]

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The Last Casino

The Last Casino Deals with a Controversial Topic The Last Casino is a 2004 Canadian television film centred on the subject of card counting. This movie draws its inspiration from the book Bringing Down the House. The film was directed by Pierre Gill, and stars Charles Martin Smith, Katharine Isabelle and Kris Lemche. The Film […]

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The Hustler

The Hustler Introduced Fast Eddie Felson Wikipedia describes The Hustler as a 1961 American drama film directed by Robert Rossen. It was adapted for the screen by Rossen and Sydney Carroll from Walter Tevis’s 1959 novel also called The Hustler. This description is so bland it does the film no justice at all, because the […]

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Sorrowful Jones

Sorrowful Jones A Thoroughly Decent Comedy Sorrowful Jones is a classic comedy film that was released in 1949. The film was directed by Sidney Lanfield and wriiten by Melville Shavelson, Jack Rose and Edmund Hartmann. The film runs for 88 minutes. In many respects, Sorrowful Jones is a remake of Shirley Temple’s 1934 film, Little […]

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Rebus is a Scottish Television Series Rebus is the title of a detective drama TV series. The series is based on the highly popular Inspector Rebus novels by Scottish author Ian Rankin. The series is stark and gritty set in and around Edinburgh. The Rebus television series was produced by STV Productions for the ITV […]

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