Understanding the difference between odds types

Understanding The Difference Between Odds Types In their simplest form, odds are nothing more than a method of quantifying chance, but within the realm of betting. Chance is straightforward and easy to understand, and is usually broken down into percentages. A sports team has a 50% chance of losing or winning – all the outcomes […]

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Top Tips For Rookie Bettors

With some extra money, and an internet connection, anyone can start betting on the sport of their choice at any time. The only way to get better and to learn is to start somewhere, even if it is for tiny amounts at a time. There are few other pastimes that are quite as exciting as […]

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NRL bets

The NRL, or National Rugby League is enormously popular both in and Australia and New Zealand. Rugby is a sport that is followed fiercely by many punters who bet on the league both at the actual stadiums and via various online sites. The NRL is made up of teams from both islands of New Zealand […]

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NBA Betting Tips

NBA or the National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in America. Many people across the world, including in New Zealand, place wagers on the NBA annually on many aspects of the sport including games as well as individual players. When placing a wager on the NBA, it is always a good idea to […]

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League of Legends Betting

League of Legends, also referred to as LoL, is a popular ESport. An ESport, for those who may not be aware, is a video game played on a professional level. ESports have been rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand and the world, sparking a massive increase in bet making on ESport games. League of Legends, […]

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Horse Racing Betting Review

Horse racing betting is arguably New Zealand’s most popular wagering activity. Thoroughbred championships across Australasia and the globe allow for a calendar year of horse racing betting action. With Kiwis confronted by a rich spread of horse racing betting options, punters have an assortment of platforms to make use of. Land based establishments spread across […]

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Understanding Online Casino Sign Up and Other Bonuses

There probably isn’t a single Hong Kong online casino that does not offer some type of bonus or the other. They are offered to prospective players, to new players, and to existing players. Whether players are considering claiming an online casino sign up bonus or any other type of bonus, they should first ensure they […]

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Game Online Casinos in Hong Kong

Situated just across the Pearl River from what is now considered to be the world’s gambling capital, Macau, Hong Kong is well-known for showing great interest in the gambling world, with many people living in Hong Kong searching for the best game online casinos. It generally depends on the player, but it is safe to […]

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Playing Online Casino Slots Games the Ideal End to a Busy Day

The top online casinos in Canada offer a wide range of all kinds of casino games. The top quality casinos will also offer complete peace of mind in regard to all your financial transactions and personal details. There will be efficient customer support, with a toll free telephone number, and all the other benefits Canadians […]

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Decoding Online Casino Reviews

Online casino reviews can be intimidating for new players from Canada seeking the finest online gaming entertainment. With the vast majority of online casinos offering standard promotions and fair gaming, players from Canada may feel overwhelmed when selecting a reliable online provider. Players from Canada seeking to decode online casino reviews and select the best […]

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