Some online casinos available to players from the Philippines offer an online casino free signup bonus. This is a bonus which is aimed at attracting new players to the casino. To do this an online or virtual casino will offer certain incentives to people who create an account with them. These bonuses can be found in many different casinos all over the internet, but not all of them are equal.

No Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus aimed at new players which comes into effect before they have to put any money into their new casino account. A no deposit bonus is a small amount of either cash or casino credits which are given to the player to play certain games with. The idea behind this is that the player gets to have a taste of what the casino has to offer without having to use any real money of their own. A no deposit bonus is not usually a very large amount, and will without a doubt come with certain rules.

Welcome or Match Bonus

A certain type of online casino free signup bonus, the welcome or match bonus involves the casino matching your initial few deposits up to a certain amount. This is usually at least 50% of your deposit, meaning that if you put in 100 pesos they will give you 50 extra. The second deposit match is usually bigger than the first to encourage you to make more deposits into your casino account. A welcome or match bonus will have a limit on it for example it will go up to a certain amount of pesos. This prevents the casino having to put thousands of pesos into people’s accounts.

Free Slots

This is another bonus from an online casino with an online casino free signup bonus aimed at new players. In this bonus you will get to play certain slot machines for free, and stand the chance of winning money if you create an account with the casino. This is also called a free spins bonus. This bonus does not usually include slot machines that have progressive jackpots.



All of the above online casino free signup bonus offered to players from the Philippines will come with a strict set of rules or terms and conditions. This is mostly to prevent players from going around, getting free money and drawing it out without giving the casino anything back.

Many of the bonuses which involve cash such as the no deposit bonus and welcome bonus will come with a wager requirement. A wager requirement is the amount of times that you have to wager the money back into the casino. For example if your no deposit bonus comes with a ten times wager requirement you will have to wager that amount of money ten times on different games. If the money is lost during those times you will not be able to draw it out at all.

Some casinos will only let you use your online casino free signup bonus in that specific casino. This is called a sticky bonus as it sticks to the casino in which you got it from.

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