The Masters Tournament, also known simply as The Masters or the US Masters, is one of four major professional golf championships held annually. It is held in the first week of April, and comprises the begin of professional golf tournaments for the year. All the other major championships move location every year, but the Masters Tournament is always held in the same location, that is, the Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf estate in Augusta, Georgia, United States of America.

Also in contrast to other major championships, the US Masters is an invitational event, meaning that the field of players is much smaller than in any of the other tournaments. It is also the official money event of numerous golf tours, namely the PGA Tour, European Tour, and the Japan Golf Tour.

Particulars of the Masters Tournament

Sports bettors wishing to bet on the Masters Tournament will need to be quite familiar with this specific tournament, largely because of its exclusivity and somewhat different structure.

Champions of the Masters Tournament will receive a green jacket, which needs to be returned to the clubhouse one year after their victory. Thereafter, the green jacket remains his personal property even though it cannot be removed from club grounds. A golfer who wins the Masters Tournament multiple times will always use the same green jacket, unless it needs to be re-fitted.

The Tuesday before the tournament commences, past champions and certain board members are invited to the Champions Dinner.

On the morning of the official start of the tournament, legendary golfers, and usually past champions, hit an honorary tee shot.

In addition to the main game of the Masters Tournament, a semi-social contest at the par-3 course is played on the Wednesday before the tournament begins.

Betting on the Masters Tournament

Given the particulars of the Masters Tournament, there are certain things sports bettors need to be aware of before deciding to bet on the US Masters. For example, they need to thoroughly do their research on past golfers and how the Augusta National Golf Club is currently doing its business in order to keep track of who will be invited as a guest to participate in the Masters Tournament. As it is such a prestigious invitational event, sports bettors cannot assume that their favourite will necessarily be invited to play if they do not fit the rank.

Then, given the numerous traditions associated with the Masters Tournament, there may or may not, depending on the sports book in question, be certain additional areas where sports bettors may place their bets. For example, instead of only placing their bets on which professional golfer they think will win the US Masters championship or with which figures the champion will be in the lead, sports bettors may also choose to bet on a variety of other things, if so permitted. This may include who will be invited to hit the honorary tee shot, who will participate in the semi-social contest, who will win the semi-social contest, and with what figures this additional contest may be won.

By having adequate knowledge of the Masters Tournament, sports bettors can enhance their portfolio and winning chances.

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