The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, previously known as the Gambling Control Commission, controls gambling and games on the Isle of Man. It regulates online gambling Kenya sites and land-based services, including slot and amusement machines, betting offices, lotteries and casinos. It is well regarded around the world.

The Isle of Man itself is a British Crown Dependency, so it has its own legislation and government and does not have to have the same gambling licensing and legislation requirements that the United Kingdom does. However, the Island’s jurisdiction does have very strict rules and is actually a whitelisted country with the UK Gambling Commission. This means it meets the United Kingdom’s requirements regarding the security, openness and fairness standards required of operators seeking a license.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission History

The Commission has been going for many years, having been established back in 1962 to protect the gamblers on the Island. For a long time its influence was restricted to the Isle itself, and it worked to keep gambling here crime-free and fair.

With the explosion of online gambling and casinos in the early 2000s, the Isle of Man caught the eyes of many players around the world thanks to its reputation as a very tax-friendly jurisdiction. Online gameplay grew very quickly on the Isle, and the need for regulatory legislation was soon recognised. It was one of the earliest gambling jurisdictions to do this, and is still considered one of the most trusted online monitors on the world. The seminal Online Gambling Regulation Act is one of the main documents underpinning the Isle of Man’s Commission.

Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission Functions

The Gambling Commission performs several different acts, including the following:

  • Protecting player’ funds, by ensuring all licensees have appropriate fund-regulating systems in place. All transactions from licensed sites are secure and have the backup of law enforcement.
  • Licensing and regulating all legal game operators.
  • Giving guidance at each stage of the application process.
  • Approving independent testing facilities, so that all games can be externally tested to for fairness and randomness by an impartial party. Any company wanting a license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission must test their software systems with an approved facility.
  • Monitoring licensed operators’ activities, including all marketing projects, on a constant basis. This ensures that they comply with the law.
  • Investigating any complaints that players lay against licensees.
  • Ensuring that winnings are properly and timeously paid out.

Trusted Security

When you see that an online or offline establishment is licensed and endorsed by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, you can trust that high standards of quality and security are monitored and maintained. This leaves you free to concentrate on enjoying yourself and developing your strategy.

Several well-known casinos are licensed by the Commission. The full list is available on the Commission’s page on the official Isle of Man governmental website, which can give you a good idea of which places you should check out for yourself. The user-friendly site is also full of other information, and it’s possible to contact the offices via email and telephone as well.

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