Glitz slot by Williams is, as the name suggests, jewel themed. All the symbols in game are made up of precious stones. This is a colourful slot game that lives up to its title. There are five reels and 60 unique pay lines. Williams really tried to do something unique with Glitz slots. The game has a very unique slot layout.

Reels one and two consist of two rows of symbols each, and reels 3, 4 and 5 have 4 rows. The 60 pay lines are built on this unique slot design. Glitz slots features great bonuses with multiple ways to be triggered. It also includes scattered wilds and free spins. There is also a selection of colourful in game symbols and a host of in game options to make your slot experience that much more rewarding.

Glitz Slot Wild And Scatter Symbols

In Glitz slot the wild symbols says wild on it. It will substitute any other jewel in the game, but not the Golden dollar coin symbol. The golden dollar serves as the game’s scatter symbol. Three Golden coins will earn you a variety of bonuses, depending on the context in which you match the symbols.


The Free Spins Bonus

The unique bonus features in Glitz slot is triggered depending on the relation between the symbols on reels one and two, and the symbols on reels 3-5.

Triggering The Unique Glitz Bonus Features

5 free spins can be earned by matching four symbols on reel one and two. This will trigger the 5 free spins on reel 3, 4 and 5 but the four matching symbols will remain in place on reel 1 and 2. There are great potential rewards on offer. If you manage to match four symbols in reel one and two and three of the golden dollar coin scatter symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5, you will be rewarded with 20 free spins.

The first four matching symbols may contain a wild, but if it does, the second phase of this bonus won’t trigger. During the second phase you will be asked to pick one jeweler box out of a selection. If the jewels in the chosen jeweler box are of higher value than the symbols matching on reels 1-2, they will be replaced. The dollar scatter symbol will retrigger 5 free spins if you manage to get three more symbols during the free spins on reels 3, 4 and 5

The Second Method

If you get three of the golden dollar scatter symbols with no matches on reels 1-2, you will also trigger the mobile casino USA games unique free spins feature. You will be prompted to pick from a selection of jeweler boxes, each with a symbol in them that will replace the 4 symbols on reels 1-2. Again, the dollar symbol will trigger 5 free spins if you get three matching symbols.

The Third Method

The third and final bonus trigger is when your slots in reel 1 and 2, match vertically. This will trigger 5 free spins, with reel 1 and 2 remaining fixed. The jewelry boxes will not be offered to players if you trigger the bonus game this way. The dollar scatter symbol will also retrigger 5 free spins if you manage to get three symbols on reels 3, 4 and 5.

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